Thiele to Submit Monthly Gasoline Survey To State Attorney General

Fri, Jul 15, 2011


State Legislator Will Keep Attorney General Apprised of Price Trends on the South Fork to Help Curb Price Gouging


New York State Assemblyman Fred Thiele (I, D, WF-Sag Harbor) will provide the State Attorney General (AG) with a monthly survey of gasoline prices on the South Fork as compared with other locations in New York State as a follow up to charges of gasoline price gouging on the South Fork he made over Memorial Day weekend. The American Automobile Association (AAA) provides for a regional survey on New York State gasoline prices. However, there is no survey that looks solely at the South Fork. Thiele stated he will provide the State AG with information on the price most prevalent on Montauk Highway, the main thoroughfare for the South Fork. There may be prices that are higher or lower in the region, but the survey will reflect the price posted at most stations.

“The Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced an investigation of gasoline prices in March and has been actively collecting data throughout the State, including the South Fork, as part of his review. Thiele had contacted the State Attorney General after Memorial Day weekend when South Fork gas prices remained high at $4.25 cents per gallon on the South Fork when the Long Island average was $4.08 and the New York State average was $4.02. ”

Thiele has also sponsored legislation to strengthen New York’s law on zone pricing of gasoline, which is the establishment of arbitrary price differentials based on geographical location without regard to wholesale cost or other legitimate costs. Thiele added, “It was clear that on Memorial Day prices had been kept artificially high simply to exploit the crowds flocking to one of America’s most popular vacation communities.”

In Thiele’s July 13th survey, the most prevalent price on the South Fork was $3.99 per gallon at nearly a half dozen stations on Montauk Highway. This was 3 cents more than the average for all Long Island, 10 cents more than the New York State average, and 2 cents less than the price in New York City.

Thiele stated, “Gasoline prices are still too high, nearly a dollar higher than a year ago. However, since I contacted Attorney General Schneiderman, the differential between the South Fork and the rest of the State has narrowed considerably. I appreciate his work on behalf of our motorists. On Memorial Day, gasoline prices across Long Island were 17 cents lower than on the South Fork. Today that differential has narrowed to 3 cents. Even the differential with the North Fork which was around 35 cents on Memorial Day had narrowed to 10 to 15 cents.”

Thiele concluded, “To insure fairness in gasoline pricing requires constant vigilance and strong laws. I will provide the Attorney General with price data from my district monthly and will continue to seek strong legislation to inhibit price gouging of our residents.”


LOCATION                          MAY 31                                              JULY 13


New York State[3]…………. $4.02                                                   $3.89

South Fork[4]………………. $4.25                                                   $3.99

Nassau-Suffolk[5]…………. $4.08                                                   $3.96

New York City[6] …………. $4.15                                                   $4.01[7]


LOCATION                          MAY 31                                              JULY 13

South Fork                          ———-                                                   ———–

New York State                  -23 cents                                              -10 cents

Nassau-Suffolk                 -17 cents                                                  -3 cents

New York City                   -10 cents                                                              +2 cents

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[2] Per Gallon-Regular

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[4] Survey of Prevailing Gas Prices- Montauk Highway- East Hampton to Southampton

[5] AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report

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