NYS Assemblyman Lavine: A Letter to Peter King – Re: Debt Ceiling Crisis

Fri, Jul 29, 2011


Hon. Peter King
United States Congressman
339 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Re: Debt Ceiling Crisis

Dear Congressman King:

I write to advise that our Republican, Democratic and independent constituents are expressing  before unheard anxiety as a result of the House of Representative’s inability to advance a  compromise resolution to the debt ceiling crisis.

While there is no doubt whatsoever that a failure to address this crisis by August 2, 2011 will  wreak havoc to our national and global economies, there remains a lack of constructive effort,  enabled by recently elected ideologues in your House, to avert the certainty of doom.

I urge that you use your good offices to convince your colleagues that we are at the precipice and  to persuade them to compromise so that our nation does not fall into the abyss.

Thank you for your consideration respecting this matter.




Charles Lavine
Member of the Assembly

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