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Fri, Aug 12, 2011

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Ten years ago, LIPolitics.com first launched and quickly become the place for all political information on Long Island.  Today, the site is in the Top 5 nationally in SEO for Long Island political searches and maintains thousands of daily loyal followers.

A decade older and with over 4 million unique hits under our belt, we have decided to celebrate the anniversary of this innovative effort by updating the old and bringing you more information than ever before.

So, whether you’re from Albertson or Amagansett, a Right-wing conservative or from the Far-Left, a seasoned politician or someone thinking about registering to vote for the first time, the new LIPolitics.com will continue it’s great old tradition of being Long Island’s political center and an information hub for all of the Island’s political views, regardless of the side of the aisle on which one sits or position one holds.

Today’s LIPolitics.com will differ from the old by becoming a “news portal” for local events via emails and breaking story updates from politicians, party leaders and elected officials across Long Island.  You can trust LIPolitics.com to deliver their point-of-view, not ours.

We will not be editorializing.  We will, however offer a wide range of political video interviews, local talk & news programs, and opinion pieces.

Above all, the new LIPolitics.com will be extremely campaign friendly, offering candidates a forum to post their ads, and/or rebut any claim via video or print.  Announcements of events, such as fundraisers, are welcomed, as well.

Eventually, we hope to be covering any and all press conferences, posting footage of the complete conferences online.  Our job will not be to compete against other voices on Long Island, but to fill the void that exists in balanced political coverage.

We are also welcome submissions from aspiring writers.

So, if you know of any person or persons with a craft for writing and an ear for politics, please let them know that we want to hear from them.  Maybe you can dust off your old Smith Corona typewriter and pen some editorials yourself.

Our new address for news and updates will be: news4lipolitics@gmail.com. Please indicate the topic of your emails in the subject box: Press Release, Events, Opinions, etc.

As we are working to update the old site, we may hit a few technical glitches along the way.  We hope that you will bear with us and continue to enjoy the ride!

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