Delia Deriggi-Whitton Remembering 9/11

Fri, Sep 9, 2011

9/11 Remembrance, Nassau


Whenever I think of 9/11, I am brought back to being in my home with my two little girls one age 3 and one playing in the den and watching “Dragon Tails.”

At the time the first plane hit, there was a shake at my back door. I asked my husband what it was and he said maybe someone was having tree work done. Nothing else would have crossed our minds. It was an innocent time.

A few moments later a friend of mine called and told me to put the news on. At that moment the second plane hit the towers. A cold chill ran through me and I think the rest of the country. That was the instant we realized it was not an accident, but we were under attack.

9/11 showed me the character of our citizens. The amazing bravery of all of our first responders, and the intrinsic need for us average citizens to do something to help. And most of all it showed me how dependent we are on each other, and how important it is to have such a bond with our neighbors, based on love of our country and protection of its citizens.

One can only imagine the anguish of the families that lost loved ones on this awful day. Having gone to high school with one victim just brought the entire experience closer to home. I hope that all of the beautiful memorials and ceremonies taking place to mark this anniversary give those families that have suffered a loss some solace.

The brave men and women that were the responders to the scene and those that defend our country are such a major part of this story. Saying thank you and truly appreciating our freedom and what it costs is a real lesson we must all learn and teach our children. Although I have attended many ceremonies acknowledging our Veterans, and first responders, it never seems to be enough.

May I also say that I hope we can find better ways to help those people that have suffered physical ailments as a result of their heroic acts. These brave people are the other victims of 9/11 that we do not always hear enough about.

What 9/11 has represented to me is both the worst and best human nature has to offer. We were attacked and shaken, but as a country we are not broken.

Delia Deriggi-Whitton
Nassau County Legislative Candidate
18th Legislative District

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