Jon Cooper Remembering 9/11

Fri, Sep 9, 2011

9/11 Remembrance, Suffolk


It’s amazing how 10 years have just flown by what’s more amazing still is how it only takes a moment to feel like you’re there—wherever you were on 9/11—all over again. The images and emotions of that day will never be forgotten. Thankfully, neither will we forget the acts of heroism and sacrifice undertaken that day by our first responders, the men and women in our armed forces and even just ordinary people. People who found themselves thrust into unimaginable situations and reached down inside themselves and responded with extraordinary bravery and humanity. And those are things we must always take from 9/11. No matter how far away we think we can get from that day.

Jon Cooper
Suffolk County Legislative Majority
Suffolk County Legislature
18th Legislative District

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