George Demos Remembering 9/11

Sun, Sep 11, 2011

9/11 Remembrance, Suffolk



Today we honor the souls lost a decade ago and renew our love for America. We know that those no longer here are still with us. Heroism knows no time and endures forever.

On that crisp clear September morning, Americans cried, prayed, and stood together- and they fought back together. We honor the inspiring passengers on Flight 93 who defied their captors and defended our nation’s

Capitol and the valiant firefighters who ascended the steps of the World Trade Center and in so doing ascended to heaven.

God has blessed our nation in immeasurable ways. It is now up to us to rededicate ourselves to the cause of freedom. On that fateful day when evil attacked, amid the smoke and choking ash, three brave firefighters struggled to raise our flag as a symbol of resilience against evil. Today, our beloved flag still ripples in the gentle wind in that same sacred place – and with God’s Providence it will fly forever.

Time will never erode the memory of those who perished that day and the bravery, heroism, and valor of our citizens will live forever in our nation’s heart. May their memory be eternal and may God continue to bless his cherished guardian of freedom.

George Demos
Congressional candidate

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