Brookhaven GOP Chairman: Supervisor Lesko simply can’t be trusted

Thu, Jan 19, 2012

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Statement by Brookhaven Republican Committee Chairman Jesse Garcia: Democrat Supervisor Mark Lesko’s 2012 Town Address

Jesse Garcia

“There’s an old saying – ‘fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’ Well, Mark Lesko is trying to fool Brookhaven residents and taxpayers a fourth time with the State of the Town address he presented today. How shameful is that?”

“For three years running, Lesko has presented a budget claiming to be balanced and sound – only to declare days if not weeks later that it was not, and that additional cuts, fee increases or new back door taxes were needed.

“It appears he has not learned his lesson – but our taxpayers are catching on to his budgetary bait and switch tactics.

“Once again, Lesko is playing a dangerous game of ‘balancing’ his budget with the use of emergency funds that have been set aside for unforeseen costs or increases – putting all taxpayers at a risk of unplanned tax increases – or reduction of services through layoffs.

“I’m heartened to see that Lesko has taken a page from the Republican Party platform and from Republican Supervisors past by finally advocating privatization of town-owned and operated facilities and services – It’s a long time coming.

“However, with his track record of broken budgets, Lesko simply can’t be trusted – from his promises of savings through ‘privatization’ to his estimates of revenue. And all the while, small businesses are suffering through a dysfunctional planning review process that discourages small business growth and the creation of new private sector jobs.

“Under Mark Lesko’s leadership unemployment continues to rise; the surpluses entrusted to him by Republican supervisors squandered; and the cost of Brookhaven government has gone up for families and small businesses.”

Jessie Garcia is the Brookhaven GOP Chairman.

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