More Than 6,000 Republicans Sign Altschuler Petitions

Fri, Apr 20, 2012

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Earlier in the week, in a article posted here on LIPolitics.com, the campaign of GOP hopeful George Demos reported that they filed 2,039 signatures from registered Republicans with the Suffolk County Board of Elections, over double the 938 required by law.

Now the campaign of self-made businessman Randy Altschuler reports the candidate submitted almost 9,000 petition signatures to qualify for the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties’ lines in his bid to unseat five-term incumbent politician Tim Bishop in New York’s 1st Congressional District.

Altschuler collected an astounding 6,006 from registered Republicans, 1,636 from Independence Party members, and 1,267 from registered Conservatives, far exceeding the required number in each case, and nearly tripling the amount of signatures earned by his opponent in the Republican primary.

Altschuler picked up the Independence Party endorsement last month; a game-changing event given that they endorsed Tim Bishop in 2010, earning him more than 7,000 votes in an election he won by just 593 votes.

“I can’t thank all the hardworking volunteers from the Republican, Conservative and Independence party enough for rallying in support of me and my positive message of fiscal responsibility and economic growth,” said Altschuler. “To collect so many signatures in such a condensed time frame truly demonstrates the passion, strength and unity in my campaign against Congressman Bishop.”

Earlier this week, Altschuler announced he had raised more money than five-term incumbent Bishop for the second consecutive quarter, and nearly doubled Bishop in the amount of money raised from individuals, who relied largely on special interest PAC money from defenders of the status quo in Washington.

“Make no mistake, Tim Bishop is running scared, and for good reason,” said Altschuler. “His irresponsible fiscal record and support for job-killing taxes and regulation are bad enough, but now it is clear that he is unable to match our growing grassroots and financial support. All the momentum is on our side right now, and I could not be more pleased about how the campaign is going.”

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