President Clinton: Long Island Could Be “The Nation’s Model of Diversity”

Fri, Apr 20, 2012

Nassau, News, News, Suffolk

Leaders from agribusiness, healthcare, labor, and education are convening today at the Long Island Regional Immigration Summit to discuss how welcoming immigration policies help promote Long Island’s sustainability in local, national, and international markets.

To kick off the effort, summit attendees heard words of support from President Clinton, who stressed the economic case for policies that could draw talented immigrants to Long Island from around the world, and better serve those already here:

“Our businesses thrive in places with welcoming immigration policies, with strong diverse communities. Long Island has the potential to become the nation’s model of diversity. But the potential can only be met if Long Island addresses the policies that impact it’s growing population of Latino, African American, and Asian communities. Students from these diverse backgrounds are Long Island’s future entrepreneurs, employees, and executives. But today we’re not giving them the skills they need to succeed.”

To watch President Clinton’s address to the Long Island Regional Immigration Summit and learn more about the effort, click here.

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