Losquadro Kicks Off Campaign For Brookhaven Hwy Superintendent

Thu, Jan 3, 2013

Brookhaven, News, Suffolk

Vows to improve aging infrastructure,establish a disaster recovery plan for future emergencies, and provide services in a more cost effective manner

Today, Dan Losquadro officially launched his campaign for Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent. Losquadro, the Republican and Conservative candidate, held a news conference outside the Highway Department administrative offices in Coram to announce his plan to improve Brookhaven’s aging infrastructure, establish a disaster recovery plan for future emergencies, and provide services in a more cost effective manner.

As a State Assemblyman and former County Legislator, Dan Losquadro has an extensive and proven record of managing budgets, coordinating capital projects, and controlling payroll costs. His significant administrative background in both government and the private sector provides a unique perspective that will allow him to deliver services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

“Brookhaven is one of the largest suburban towns in the nation with almost half a million people, a $66 million budget, and 2,100 miles of roadway running from the sound to ocean,” said Losquadro.  ”As Brookhaven’s Superintendent of Highways, my record and experience will allow me to hit the ground running.”

Losquadro served on the front line against insurance fraud working for State Farm Insurance and takes pride in knowing that his work helped keep insurance costs down for his constituents. During his tenure at State Farm, Losquadro’s expertise was instrumental in the arrest and conviction of several individuals who engaged in illegal activities. In government, Losquadro has been recognized for streamlining government services and ensuring that taxpayers are protected.

“My first commitment is to the taxpayer,” said Losquadro. “We have to provide taxpayers with the services they deserve at a cost they can afford.”

Many of Brookhaven’s roads and bridges are aging and highway safety has often taken a back seat. As Highway Superintendent, Losquadro will ensure town roads utilize the most modern traffic safety standards and technologies and that aging infrastructure is upgraded. With his experience in both state and local government, Losquadro will improve coordination between the state, county, and town to move important projects forward. Losquadro has a history of working closely with both the New York State Department of Transportation and the Suffolk County Department of Public Works.

“Ensuring our infrastructure is safe and reliable is one of the fundamental responsibilities of government,” said Losquadro. “Often, especially in tough economic times, this takes a back seat to other issues that appear more pressing. This should not be the case.”

One of Losquadro’s top priorities as Highway Superintendent will be the implementation of a formal emergency preparedness and disaster recovery plan. If Superstorm Sandy taught us anything, it taught us that proper planning and response is pivotal.

“I saw firsthand the shortcomings that Tropical Storm Irene and Superstorm Sandy exposed,” noted Losquadro. “The Highway Department does not properly utilize contractors, equipment, and manpower. The lack of a formal plan and a lack of transparency inhibited the town’s ability to respond.”

Losquadro is currently serving his second term as a member of the New York State Assembly representing the Second District. He previously served as a County Legislator and was elected conference leader by his fellow Republican legislators. He has a record of accomplishment and has repeatedly made the tough decisions necessary to benefit taxpayers. As an Assemblyman, Losquadro helped lead the effort to repeal the job-killing MTA Payroll Tax, enacted a cap on local property tax growth, put in place tough new ethics laws to clean up the culture of corruption in Albany, and delivered on-time, responsible budgets. Those budgets held the line on taxes, in each of his years in office at state and county level.

“It has been my privilege to represent residents of this town for the past nine years and know my experience will allow me to provide a better product at a lower cost to the taxpayers,” said NYS Assemblyman Dan Losquadro. “I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.”

“With his strong experience in both the private sector and government, Dan Losquadro has the tools to be an effective Highway Superintendent,” said Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine. “I look forward to partnering with him to move Brookhaven forward.”

“Dan Losquadro is my partner in Albany,” said NY State Senator Kennetth LaValle. “Working together, we enacted a cap on property taxes and pushed to repeal the MTA Payroll Tax. I know Dan will do a remarkable job as Highway Superintendent. He’s uniquely qualified for the position.”

“As a former aide to Dan Losquadro, I had the opportunity to work side-by-side with him on a daily basis,” said Brookhaven Councilwoman Jane Bonner. “His dedication is what inspired me to run for office myself. You will find no one more committed to getting the job done for the people while remembering the importance of holding the line on taxes and being fiscally responsible. Dan will certainly do the same as Highway Superintendent.”

“Before his election to the State Assembly, Dan Losquadro and I served together in the Suffolk County Legislature,” said Suffolk County Legislator Tom Muratore. “I was always impressed by his knowledge of the issues and his ability to apply his private sector experience to the problems of government. This is exactly what we need in our next Highway Superintendent.”

“Dan’s experience at State Farm Insurance rooting out insurance fraud gives him the perspective we need in the highway department,” said Brookhaven Councilman Tim Mazzei. “Recent events demonstrate the need to move the Department in a new direction. Dan Losquadro will do that as Highway Superintendent.”

“During his tenure in government, Dan Losquadro has proven to be a fighter for the taxpayer,” said Brookhaven Councilman and Deputy Supervisor Dan Panico. “As Highway Superintendent, Dan will rein in costs while still providing important services. This is critical in these tough times, especially in areas so devastated by Superstorm Sandy.”

“In Albany Dan worked tirelessly to reverse the culture of corruption in state government,” said State Senator John Flanagan. “In Brookhaven, I trust Dan will be able to restore the public’s trust in the highway department as well.”

“The Highway Department serves some very important needs for the residents of Brookhaven Town,” said Senator Lee Zeldin. “Assemblyman Losquadro has been an effective colleague in Albany and I am confident he would bring the necessary leadership and unique experience to effectively run the Highway Department. I support his candidacy and fully believe he will do an excellent job if given the opportunity to serve in this important capacity.” 

“Brookhaven is facing a tough financial situation,” said Tax Receiver Lou Marcoccia. “Dan Losquadro brings the type of budget and management skills we need to weather the storm. He will be invaluable to the Highway Department and the entire Town of Brookhaven.”

Dan Losquadro earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook. He resides in Shoreham with his wife Lynn and their son Joseph. A special election will be held March 5th to replace former Highway Superintendent John Rouse who was elected in November to a judgeship and resigned.

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