Jay Jacobs: Kathleen Rice Acted inappropriately [AUDIO]

Thu, May 15, 2014

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In January, Congresswomen McCarthy, who is battling lung cancer, announced she would not seek re-election in NY’s 4th congressional district. .  With that announcement, Nassau County Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs announced that he would not take a position in the 4th CD should there be a primary.  However, this week, on the John Gomez Radio Show – Jay Jacobs expressed his belief that Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice allowed political power brokers to influence her decision in a criminal case rather than following the law.


Jay Jacobs, Nassau County Democratic Party Chairman, called in Tuesday, May 13, 2014 on the John Gomez Show for LI News Radio 103.9 FM, in order to offer his insight into the recent incident that occurred with a man named Randy White and a decision made by Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice..

Jay Jacobs called into the John Gomez show on 103.9 LI News Radio, and discussed a “poor decision” that was made by Nassau County District Attorney, Kathleen Rice.

When talking to John Gomez about an incident that occurred with a man named Randy White – ¨where he was pulled off a bus by police under the request of an informal leader of a political party… which led to a process that forced the Nassau County Police commissioner to resign, but the district attorney in Nassau County decided not to prosecute due to ¨political pressure¨

GomezIn this particular case, under this circumstance, I think she did not act correctly¨ Jacobs told Gomez ¨prosecutors that I talk to in other counties, cannot understand how there wasn’t any other action taken.”

When Gomez asked Jacobs ¨do you believe because she has some ties with this political party she did not act, or did that cloud herJudgment?” Jay response with ¨I would say it clouds a lot of elected officials judgment¨ he continues.. it weighed into it and it would have been wiser for her to ask for a special prosecutor…there comes a time when there is right and wrong and you got to stand up and do something…she made a mistake¨

Kevan AbrahamsRice, a Nassau Democrat, is running against Nassau County Legislator Kevan Abrahams in a Democratic primary for Carolyn McCarthy’s old congressional seat.  Recently, Abrahams said of his opponent, “We need a representative who will fight for public integrity, create jobs, and protect working families. Kathleen Rice has never proven she can accomplish any of these things.”

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  1. John Capobianco says:

    Jacobs is right.

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