Larry Kelly: The “Helicopter Parent” enters the Long Island Political Campaign

Tue, Jun 3, 2014

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Demos for Congress

Voters in New York’s First congressional district are getting a taste of what teachers have experienced over the last decade.

Instead of the students being graded on their tests on objective criteria, teachers have had to deal with the “helicopter parent” explaining why little Johnny should not be graded on his incompetent performance on tests, but should be praised on his A plus attitude.

Based on objective criteria, George Demos’ career at the Securities and Exchange Commission was a disaster. Three SEC Inspectors General filed a report indicating the guy should get the bum’s rush out of the SEC for failing to protect the identity of an SEC whistleblower.

Had Demos disclosed his political activities in 2004 he would have been fired from the SEC Enforcement Division two years into his seven year tenure for a Hatch Act violation. His failure to disclose those political activities opened him to the possibility of extortion during the rest of his tenure.

Undertaking the role of the helicopter parent in support of George Demos is Rudy Giuliani., the apex of a political consulting industry into which Demos has thrown millions of dollars. Part of the role of the helicopter parent is to voice a dismissal of the role of objective criteria. Giuliani accomplishes this by stating on video “don’t believe the lies”.

Much like a helicopter parent indifferent to the video of little Johnny bullying all of the other kids on the playground, Giuliani does not deign to talk about the evidence, only deride the ludicrous concept that anyone would question his judgment.

Am I alone in remembering a time when we graduated voters who cared about objective standards and measuring candidates on accomplishment? A time when parochial school Sister Leonard Marie knocked out my brother’s front tooth and my Special Forces veteran father advised him that he deserved it?

Giuliani and Mukasey would have had to fire Demos if he had worked for them in the federal government and he violated the Hatch Act, as he did in 2004. During this campaign, I have often wondered if Sister Leonard Marie is around somewhere to knock some sense into the players in these political campaigns.

My brother got over losing the tooth. He never forgot the lesson.

Lawrence Kelly is a federal civil rights attorney and served as Senior Rule of Law Advisor for the U.S. State Department in southern Iraq.




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4 Responses to “Larry Kelly: The “Helicopter Parent” enters the Long Island Political Campaign”

  1. John P says:

    Lawrence Kelly, a reliable hack even when it requires sounding like a fool.

    Jealousy is an ugly thing, Larry.

  2. Jonathan Scott says:

    Isn’t this the same Larry Kelly who when screening with CSA for judge said he supports Sharia Law in the United States.

    This guy is nuts.

    • Larry Kelly says:

      Ahh, I remember that question. As I recall it, a young woman asked, since I was just back from Iraq, if I agreed that all references to sharia law should be banned from consideration on any issue in an American courtroom. I recall responding with a rhetorical question as to whether she would also want to ban any reference to the Torah, say in a case involving a court divorce issue among Hasidim, or disallow a vendor from indicating that his food was a premium product because it is prepared Halal? Following that line of thought, should we disallow kosher grading on food products? Sharia law is something that millions of Americans turn to in making sense of their lives, including what they eat. I recall indicating that if someone is charged with a criminal charge and attempts to use Sharia law as an rationale, they have a perfect right in an American courtroom to use that rationale as a defense in a case in chief or in a plea for mitigation of a sentence. I remember saying that it might not be much of a defense in a lot of circumstances, but, in America, freedom of religion applies both to religions you embrace as well as to those you fear. I think I ended by saying that if I believe a halal product is prepared better, I should have the choice to select a halal product, and to eliminate that option while allowing a kosher designation would be an unconstitutional government preference for one religion over another.

  3. RobertW says:

    The writer has a tedious writing style.

    The whole “Helicopter Parent” analogy is a really poor tool for trying to make his point. Yes, Demos is wholly unqualified for public office but there were about 74 better ways for Mr. Kelly to have made his point. Stick to lawyering.

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