Nassau County GOP 2012 Candidates

A list of all the local Nassau GOP candidates for the 2012 election. Please send candidate information, such as headshot and bio, to news@lipolitics.com or news4lipolitics@gmail.com.

Candidates Office
Peter King
Stephen Labate
Francis X. Becker
Allan Jennings
Joseph Saladino*
Louis Imbroto
David McDonough
Michael Montesano
Richard Stiek
Thomas McKevitt
Elton McCabe
Edward Ra
David Sussman
Brian F. Curran +
Sean Wright
Carl Marcellino
Kemp Hannon
Jack Martins
Charles Fuschillo
Dean Skelos
Peter Skelos
David P. Sullivan
Fran Ricigliano
Martin Massell
Anthony Paradiso
C. William Gaylor
Robert Pipia
Howard Taylor
Harvey Strickon
William O’Brien
Douglas Lerose
Colin O’Donnell
Richard McCord
U.S. Congress, 2nd District
U.S. Congress, 3rd District
U.S. Congress, 4th District
U.S. Congress, 5th District
Assembly 9th District
Assembly 13 District
Assembly 14th AD
Assembly 15th AD
Assembly 16th AD
Assembly 17th AD
Assembly 18th AD
Assembly 19th AD
Assembly 20th AD
Assembly 21st AD
Assembly 22th AD
State Senator, 5th District
State Senator, 6th District
State Senator, 7th District
State Senator, 8th District
State Senator, 9th District
Supreme Court
County Court
County Court
County Court
1st District Court
2nd District Court Judge
2nd District Court Judge
2nd District Court Judge
3rd District Court Justice
4th District Court Judge
4th District Court Judge
5th District Justice
City of Glen Cove Judge

* There is a GOP Primary in this district
+ Brian Nevan presently represents NY-14 AD but has been redistricted into the new NY-21 AD

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