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5 Easy Team Building Activity Ideas to Enhance Employee Engagement





Running a business in Sydney, one of the leading metropolitan cities in Australia, is not easy when the employees are not at peace with each other. The most common problem companies experience here is communication. It is precisely why many companies in this part of Australia run team building sessions or games. From corporate charity activities to taking a graffiti art class in Sydney, these techniques make people more aware of each other and encourage creativity. Businesses can also book an escape room in Sydney and give a chance to their employees to solve an exciting mystery together. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to bond well with each other.

So, here are some easy ways for you to strengthen your employee bond and enhance their engagement:

1. Schedule a Happy Hour

Scheduling a happy hour is an excellent way to make employees connect with each other. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about returning to work with it as well. Encourage them to take part in a cocktail mixing class or let them learn to make a great espresso. Moreover, cocktail making classes are becoming highly popular in Sydney, and they top prominently in the list of fun corporate team building activities. It allows people to mingle with each other in a relaxing environment.

2. Stimulate Healthy Competition Through Puzzle Work

Another way to promote teamwork and cooperation is by splitting your team members into groups of 2 to 5 and having them engage in solving secret puzzles and riddles. Yes, you heard it right. It can be accomplished by taking them places like an escape room in Sydney.  There, they will be put in rooms and be made to solve exciting problems. Also, they can either solve a murder mystery or search for a missing person! Such an escape room activity will boost cooperation among your team members and help them get along well.

3. Graffiti Art Session

Want to make your employees get away with a meaningful message from their team-building sport? A graffiti art session is a perfect way to do that. In it, people get divided into teams of 10 to 15 members, and they can work together on their own canvas to draw art that embodies the company’s core values. They will be coached on innovative techniques by renowned graffiti artists of Sydney. Enabling your team to think about the business values while working together in a fun environment is ideal for reinforcing the value of what they do.

4. Circus Skills Workshop

Take your employees to a circus skills workshop where they can learn how to spin plates and juggle. These activities require a great level of persistence and determination. Also, mastering such skills need a degree of spatial awareness, and it stimulates the employees’ mental faculties.

Moreover, all of it will be carried out in a very cheerful environment, thus fostering better employee engagement.

5. Satisfying Cooking Class

This team-building activity provides a very satisfying reward at the end, that is, a delicious meal. Let your team members create a meal together. It will help them learn new cooking skills and bond well with each other. The activity does not demand much physical effort and ensures that everyone goes home with some excellent cooking skills!

There are numerous team-building experiences in Sydney that any business owner who wishes to foster greater collaboration and engagement among their employees can make use of. All you need is to find one that is suitable for your company and employees.

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