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5 Guidelines To Help You Maintain Your Dirt Bike



Dirt Bike

Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes, as many would know, are made with the purpose of rough and tough use. Their maintenance is high according to non-bikers, but those who are passionate about off-roading and adventure bikes do not consider them as high-maintenance bikes. An ordinary bike would require an oil change after 300 kilometres. On the contrary, a dirt bike would require an oil change mostly after every ride.

If you are a hardcore rider, you would probably know that you would have to replace and protect your dirt bike parts pretty often in comparison to other bikes. So, in this post, there is a detailed description of the seven most essential maintenance necessities to keep your dirt bike updated and protected. Take time to read these tips carefully to get your hands on how to do things correctly using the right products.

1. Check your bikes air filter

When you use your bike regularly, there are harmful particles that enter your air filter frequently. These particles can’t be seen unless you use a microscope. Another thing that affects your air filter is moisture. If any small or big particles or moisture settles in your air filter, you need to take it to the garage to clean it or get it replaced by another air filter.

2. Sprockets

In a bike, the job of a sprocket is to transfer the power to your bike’s rear wheel. With constant use, it wears off and does require a replacement. The bike’s chain needs to be fixed correctly for the consistent and better performance of the sprockets. If the chain is loose or tight, it will affect the sprocket, and you would have no other choice but to replace it.

3. Brake Pads

The bike is driven and controlled with the help of a clutch, brake, and accelerator. While riding on muddy roads or in a racing event, you always have to apply brakes all of a sudden. The use of brakes is constant, and after a time, the material on the brake pads starts to wear off. This makes your bike’s brake pads useless and increases the risk of accidents. Therefore, as soon as you feel that your bike’s brakes are losing their impact, you should use this as a way to replace them.

4. A disk guard

If you don’t want your bike’s paint to wear off due to excess mud, dust, and water, you need to protect it with a disk guard. It can be easily applied and removed on your dirt bike. You can clean the guard using a wet cloth and put it back in its right place.

5. A Radiator brace

Every type of bike has a radiator that keeps your bike cool and enhances its performance. If you do not protect it with a radiator brace, stone and other harmful elements will hit your radiator and reduce the performance of your bike. It is best to buy a radiator guard to keep your bike’s radiator protected.

You must make sure that from wherever you are buying dirt bike parts, it should be a reliable dealer who can offer you authentic products.

The best is that you look for a store that is operated by educated and knowledgeable riders who would not cheat on you. Dirt biking is extremely popular in Australia, and you would find plenty of online and offline stores to buy what you need to keep your bike upgraded and maintained. If you have a community of riders who often go along with you on the rider, they’ll probably know what you need and where you’ll find it.

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