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Can’t Medically Prove Your Paraquat Claim? Tips To Get Paid



Can't Medically Prove Your Paraquat Claim? Tips To Get Paid Can’t Medically Prove Your Paraquat Claim? Tips To Get Paid[/caption] You may have taken the precaution of wearing a face mask and long-sleeved clothing to protect yourself from pesticides like Paraquat, but what about the chemical’s potential effect on your reproductive system? It might not have occurred to you that you could be at risk for infertility or other reproductive problems. Unfortunately, many pesticide manufacturers don’t share the research they do on their products.

The most common claims we see are the loss of a limb or an eye and respiratory disease related to Paraquat. The most common defences used by the companies we see are lack of medical proof and causation. An excellent personal injury attorney can help you prove that your client has a real case, but it’s also essential to understand some of the limitations and what you can expect from the system.

The best way to prove your case is through medical evidence. If you don’t have any doctors who will testify on your behalf, then hire a doctor who will evaluate your client and give an expert opinion as to how Paraquat caused their injuries. If you’ve been hurt in a Paraquat accident, you may be worried about the strength of your claim. Are you able to prove that the product is responsible for your medical condition?

If you or a family member has been injured by exposure to Paraquat, you may have a toxic tort case against the manufacturer. But it’s not quite as simple as that. Paraquat is a chemical substance, so to prove your injury claim, you must also be able to demonstrate that there was some kind of failure on the part of the manufacturer to warn of the potential hazards and dangers associated with the use of the product. And in order to make that demonstration, you will have to present expert testimony from a physician who can establish the link between your injury and the exposure to Paraquat.

Because proving this connection can be extremely difficult, you must retain a qualified toxic tort attorney as soon as possible after discovering that you have been exposed to Paraquat. This will help ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you receive every compensation available under law for your injuries. For any paraquat claims please click here and find information on Financial Compensation in Paraquat Lawsuits.

Here are some steps you can take toward securing justice and compensation for your injuries.

  • Once you suspect or discover that you have been exposed to Paraquat, seek medical attention immediately. While it may not be apparent at first how serious your injuries are, prompt medical treatment could make all the difference in planning your legal strategy.
  • An expert witness can testify about the design or manufacture defects that made the product unreasonably dangerous. Your doctor may be able to give testimony about his findings when he treated you for your injury, but an expert witness is trained in this field and knows how to explain it in court.

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