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Everything You Need To Know About Mono Dieting





There are so many diets going around and buzzing through weight loss forums online as well as magazines. It can sometimes be difficult to pick and choose between them, especially if you don’t fully understand the concepts behind a diet or lifestyle. This article aims to shed light on mono dieting, including its benefits and drawbacks.

Brief Overview

The mono diet is a very simple diet whereby people consume a single food for all their meals throughout the dieting periods. This could mean eating potatoes (plain) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The diet first became popular when people found out about Penn Jillette weight loss, because he claimed that was how he lost his excess weight rapidly. There are several common variations of the diet, but most people either only eat apples, potatoes, or eggs for the duration of the diet. Some people consider the fruitarian or carnivore diet to also be under the blanket term mono diet, because people are restricting themselves to a single food group.

Benefits Of Following A Mono Diet

Although often criticized for not being the healthiest route to weight loss, the diet has been proven to be highly effective in losing weight quickly. In fact, the rapid weight loss is what attracts most people to this diet.

Another benefit of this diet is that it is relatively easy to follow and requires no fussing around with calculating calories. As long as you consume only one type of food (from a predetermined list), and avoid eating too much, the diet works.

Drawbacks And Health Concerns

One of the major drawbacks of this method of weight loss is that it is unsustainable. It is generally recommended to follow the mono diet for only a week or two at most, before gradually adding other foods into your diet because the body needs nutrition from a diverse variety of foods. Of course, this only means that although the weight loss is rapid, there is a limit to the amount of weight someone can lose through this diet. Some people try to take a one week break from the diet and get back to it, in an attempt to maintain weight loss. However, this usually causes malnutrition or vitamin deficiency of some sort because most foods do not supply all the nutrition our  bodies need.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to shed a few pounds, the mono diet is the perfect solution for you. All you have to do is eat a single food item for all your meals, in moderation. Avoid choosing highly caloric foods, and you should see results. Common mono diet foods are apples, potatoes, or eggs. The diet is simple enough for anyone to follow, and the results are fast. However, it is not a sustainable method of weight loss because consuming one food item for all your meals is unlikely to provide enough nutrition to fuel a healthy body. After you’ve completed the diet, you can gradually introduce other foods into your meals to avoid overwhelming your digestive system.

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