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10 Tips To Give a Good Political Speech?



How To Give a Good Political Speech?

How To Give a Good Political Speech?

In the world of politics, discourse is one of the key elements when it comes to transmitting to citizens the proposals that each candidate suggests. We propose in this post ten tips to make a successful political speech.

The oratory of politicians can be the decisive factor for citizens to decide on one candidate or another. For this reason, preparing a political speech should not be considered an easy task and involves following a series of steps to achieve success.

  1. The preparation of the speech is the first step. We must be clear about what we want to convey and improvisation, in these cases, is not usually synonymous with success.
  2. The message should be short, clear, and concise. Being repetitive can put the public against us since redundancy leads to a loss of interest in the general idea that you want to convey.
  3. Tell a good story ( storytelling ). To do this, you have to be clear about what, how, and what you want to tell. An orderly speech in which well-argued main messages are emphasized will keep your audience engaged.
  4. In relation to the above, knowing the public to whom we are going to present the ideas is a key element because the usual thing will be that the message that you want to tell a young electorate is not the same that is aimed at retired people.
  5. Writing notes and outlines that collect the main ideas of the speech helps and gives security to the speaker, but it must always be borne in mind that speeches are not read, they are exposed.
  6. Relying on a trusted and professional communication team to advise the politician when necessary. The previous rehearsal of the speech with this team is essential to correct any errors and doubts that may arise.

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  1. Establish an emotional connection with voters and the public so that they feel part of the project. The candidate must speak from the heart because if he does not believe in what he is telling, neither will the audience.
  2. Bear in mind that gestures, body movements, posture … also communicate. The message that is conveyed by words cannot be contradicted by what the body says.
  3. The same goes for the way in which the content of the speech is conveyed. Intonation, rhythm, or pauses can be decisive when it comes to convincing or persuading. For example, a silence before speaking important information helps emphasize that main message.
  4. Be yourself.

In addition to following these tips, the ideas that are transmitted are the basis of political discourse. A good speaker is one who manages to capture the attention of the public, but much of the weight that this circumstance occurs is that the political message is coherent and credible.

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