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Here’s Why All My Shoes Are Expensive, And Yours Should Be Too



Here's Why All My Shoes Are Expensive, And Yours Should Be Too

Here’s Why All My Shoes Are Expensive, And Yours Should Be Too

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for shopping in stores that carry cheap, generic versions of high fashion clothes. Yes, I know fast fashion is bad for the environment, and I’m trying to cut back on my unnecessary purchases. Anyway, when it comes to shoes, I’m always buying from expensive brands – here’s why.

Athletic Footwear

The most important footwear, in my opinion, is that which has a highly functional purpose. Any type  of sports shoes you put on are not made simply for aesthetics, but they should be designed to serve two functions – reducing your risk of injury and enhancing your athletic performance. Now, you won’t find direct claims from the nobull website that their shoes will help you instantly start running faster. However, many peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that well-designed shoes can help athletes perform slightly better. Even if you aren’t training professionally or if your workouts are really that intense, it’s better to wear high-quality shoes that will protect you from the common injuries that are associated with the various types of exercise.

Dress Shoes, Heels, Casual Footwear

You may be thinking that other types of footwear are mainly worn because they look good, and there is little difference between the functionality  of different shoes. Well, that may be true. However, high quality (usually expensive) shoes have a few advantages:


Big name brands tend to use better materials in their advanced manufacturing processes, allowing them to produce more durable shoes. If you buy cheap shoes, you’ll notice that they need to be replaced more often, and the opposite is true for high-quality expensive shoes.


If you’ve ever worn a pair of awkwardly sloping high-heeled shoes, then you know how important comfort is when it comes to footwear. If you only buy high-end shoes, you’ll soon discover that you can handle wearing heels for a long time. The thing is, expensive shoes are designed well – and that means they will fit better and ultimately be more comfortable.

Well Designed

Although footwear that isn’t meant for athletic purposes doesn’t need to specifically protect against injuries, they do need to be designed well. Cheap shoes tend to be wobbly, with padding in the wrong places. In short, high-end shoes won’t cause chafing and won’t make you fall due to instability of the sole or heel.


Although I have no problem buying cheap copycat versions of trendy clothes, I think shoes must be high-quality. I refuse to spend money on shoes that won’t last me the entire season. Buying expensive shoes protects me from injury, keeps me comfortable, and they will last me a long time. I realized that since I’ve replaced my shoe shopping habits and started buying more expensive shoes, I no longer needed to buy a new pair every other season.

So, go out and get yourself a pair of expensive, high-quality shoes, and I guarantee you won’t regret it. There’s no comparing generic brands to name brands in this case.

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