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How To Create Wealth Without Money



Create Wealth Without Money

Create Wealth Without Money

Here you will learn “How To Create Wealth Without Money” Wealth is built like a building, or an argument is built. We are all the “bricklayers” (or executioners) of our prosperity. The construction plans are not complicated, you just have to know what they are and practice until they go well:


No map, Where do you get it? You need a path to follow. The aimless path is being taken by everyone right now and look where it is leading them.

To make your map to wealth you need:

• Goals (Short, medium and long term)

• Priorities (prioritize your goals between them and the immediate things)

• General costs that your goals and the lifestyle you want will have.

• Trace the things you are willing to sacrifice (comforts, time, some expense, etc.) and what you are not willing to sacrifice for any reason.

• Time: when more or less you will achieve each thing.


Since you have the map, you can easily create wealth without money because you know what you want, what is a priority, how much it costs. Now, you need to organize your money so that it “falls” to those goals.

• Define your fixed, variable, annual, and temporary expenses.

• Track everything you spend for about two months to locate leaks, spending habits you are not aware of, and the priorities you’ve had to spend so far.

• Adjust your expenses (fixed, variable, and annual) with the newspapers that you do not always notice.

• Decide which things to cut, which to reduce, and from there, how much you have left to put money towards those goals.


The big step to achieve this is our No. 2: the budget. But your habits are also important.

• You should always save first: as soon as the money arrives, save your savings!

• Compare prices

• Do not buy to buy

• Buy what you need when you need it

• Buy what you want when you can pay in cash (without borrowing)

• Enjoy what you already have

• Practice a little mindfulness


It is important to make money grow or at least maintain its purchasing power. The downside is that since we know little about investments, we are scared. It’s okay to be a little scared as long as it leads to caution, not inaction.

• For real money, use simple investment platforms backed by specialists

5. Use credit only to grow

My grandmother sewed very well. It occurred to him to sew traditional dresses from different countries to dolls. They were amazing, so it seemed like a good deal to offer the dolls to the Liverpool department store. He was right: they were fascinated and placed his first order: 1,000 dolls for all Liverpool in the country in 30 days.

He had to let the opportunity go due to a lack of planning and of course! Of money. Who has enough money to buy the supplies and labor for 1,000 dolls to have them ready in 30 days? It is at times like these where it is worth asking for a loan.

Using the credit card to buy the shoes that I know I can’t afford with my fortnight “not so much”.


What distinguishes an ambitious miser from a generous rich man? The latter is grateful for what he has (not just material) and continues his wealth as a consequence of what he does and solves, not as a goal.

I know that in times of scarcity it is difficult to be grateful to create wealth without money, but believe me, no matter how bad the situation is, we can always be grateful for what we do have.

While we feel genuine gratitude, life gives us: creativity (to solve problems and boom! Get paid for it), tranquility (to see new paths), satisfaction (and not be constantly desiring objects) and a positive attitude essential to generate wealth.

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