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How To Use Quora For Digital Marketing



use Quora for digital marketing?

use Quora for digital marketing

Do you know how to use Quora for digital marketing? In SEO Web Positioning we tell you how you can take advantage of this community of very varied questions and answers. Keep reading and know how to take advantage of them.

The basics about Quora

As brands and businesses, we are always looking for new ways and methods to reach our target audience. Ways to stand out from our competitors and show ourselves as experts in the industry.

With the above in mind, we can say that Quora is a marketing tool that is often forgotten.

Anyone with a profile can ask and answer, they can even be anonymous. The community votes in favor of responses, which makes them more visible. We can do the comparison with Yahoo Answers, but Quora has many better answers.

You can create an account by connecting with Facebook, Twitter, or your email.

The topics that are discussed in this application are very varied. You will find conversations of all kinds and there will be more than one that suits your industry or brand. So it is a tool that you must learn to take advantage of.

In Techcrunch, they detail 2017 data about Quora, as it has 190 million active users per month. This is 100 million more than the previous year. And that this website is worth around 1.8 billion dollars.

The benefits of using Quora for marketing

The benefits of using Quora for marketing

The benefits of using Quora for marketing

If you wonder what are the advantages that my company will obtain using Quora, here we have the answer.

  • You will be able to connect with your target audience by finding popular questions about the topics you master.
  • You will establish that you are an expert and you will publicize your brand (brand awareness) by answering relevant questions.
  • You will give answers to anyone who asks about your business, products or services.
  • You will get more traffic to your website by linking to relevant posts on your blog.
  • You will learn from other users, clients, and experts in your industry.
  • You will find topics to create and curate content for your blog and social networks.
  • It gives you an extra result in the SERPs because your profile could appear in the Google results.
  • You’ll be able to give your content a new purpose as you answer and ask questions about your industry.

How to use Quora for digital marketing

How to use Quora for digital marketing

How to use Quora for digital marketing

You already know all the points in favor of Quora. It is an excellent tool to publicize your personal brand, establish yourself as an expert in the industry and learn about new topics related to your field.

Sign up on Quora

The first point to take advantage of everything Quora offers for your company is to create a profile. As we already said, you can connect social media accounts or with your email.

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After verification, it is time to optimize the Quora profile. The most recommended is that you use your real name, not your brand name or an anonymous one. This is because people on this platform prefer to read responses from other users with a real name rather than those from a business.

It is essential that you write a good description and credentials. This is how you tell people who you are and what you do.

You have a line to put credentials and then a more extensive description. That 50 character line is like a headline and you should optimize it for keywords in your industry.

In the description you can even place links, although they will be no-follow, therefore, they will not be useful for SEO, but they will help you attract customers. It is recommended that you place links to your social networks. The description should be short, professional, and eye-catching.

The credentials will appear every time you post a reply. You can add employment and education credentials. Say what topics you have knowledge about.

Quora also asks you to indicate what your interests are. Select the ones that best suit what you do, and then more specific options will appear. It also asks you what languages ​​you know. And you can add Facebook friends.

Remember to create your brand name as a theme, you do this by adding Credentials. This way you will get people to ask questions and answers about your company or product/service.

Don’t forget to add a profile photo. This should be from you, not a brand logo.

Find relevant questions to answer on Quora

After having an optimized profile, it is time to demonstrate that knowledge that you indicated. You must try to reach the right people, who are your audience. Answer the correct, relevant questions.

Quora will automatically give you suggestions based on your interests. That is why it is important to fill out your profile well. You might even get emails with relevant questions to answer.

But, if you want to search for specific questions, use the search bar. Some relevant tips for finding what to answer are:

  • Search for the topics that you liked and find those in which you are an expert.
  • Look for relevant questions about your industry.
  • In the search bar type the name of your brand. Someone may have already asked a question about this.
  • Search for phrases like “alternatives (your competition)”.
  • Also, look for questions about how to solve a problem that your product solves.
  • You prefer questions that have more than 1000 views and are at least a week old.

Answer the questions

The experts on Quora say that it’s okay to be promotional if you answer a direct question from your business or competition. In theory, this could help you get traffic. But, you will be able to get more out of the questions that do not have to do with your product but with your knowledge in the area.

Your ideas and thoughts can be useful and interesting. So you can start gaining followers, they will receive updates on what you do on Quora. Your profile will have more authority and you will get more benefits.

It may also be a good idea to link to blog posts that are relevant to the questions. So you can help others with your content.

When responding, try to be as informative as possible, albeit personal. Do not be rude. And avoid writing mistakes. Take into account that the answers receive negative and positive votes.

Add questions

You will be able to ask questions and thus know a little more about your target audience. Just click Add question on your profile. Write it, you can add a link and that’s it.

Once you start getting responses make sure to let people know that you appreciate their help. You do this by voting or commenting.

Take advantage of the Quora blog

Although Quora is a question and answer tool, it also offers other options for its users. You can publish content on a blog. If your profile is authoritative and helps you get traffic this may be a good option.

Quora Advertising

The businesses can advertise on Quora. By advertising, you will be able to reach a wider audience of unique visitors. You will be able to measure the results.

You create a business account, access the Ads Manager, create your ad, choose your audience, establish a budget. And you only pay for the results.

Best Marketing Practices on Quora

Best Marketing Practices on Quora

Best Marketing Practices on Quora

Aside from what we already mentioned, there are certain rules of etiquette that you can follow to get the best results from your Quora marketing.

  • Don’t be too promotional. As we said, you can link to your blog from time to time, but not always. Even Quora could see this as spam and close your account.
  • If you want to know what your customers think, ask questions. You can make your target audience visit your profile and you will receive feedback from your customers. So you can use Quora for research.
  • Don’t forget about engagement. Connect with others. Look for influencers, connect with experts in your industry. Contribute, share content.
  • Create a good profile. And place links to your website and your social networks.
  • Follow topics from your industry. Participate in these with valuable questions and answers.
  • Measure your success. Quora has a free analytics tool that will show you which content works best. And you can see in Google Analytics if you are receiving traffic from Quora.

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